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Lightning rods actually do the opposite, the purpose of a lightning protection system is to prevent your home from taking a strike, But in the event of a lightning strike to a correctly installed lightning protection system it will create a path of low resistance to ground, Harnessing the energy into the earth creating no harm to the home or structure.


Quick answer is no. A house may be grounded to assure electrical safety, however grounding does not prevent lightning from striking your home.


An antenna is not designed to handle a lightning strike. Instead, the antenna allows dangerous electric current to enter the structure which can cause structural damage as well as electrical damage.

No, In fact trees often get struck by lightning. In some severe cases after trees are struck by lightning the lightning can create side flashes that can hit the house or another structure close by, causing extensive damage. We also offer lightning protection to trees.


No, we do not recommend home or building owners to install lightning protection. The first reason is safety from climbing on roofs and ladders. Another reason is an improperly installed lightning protection system can be very dangerous. Lightning protection is a specialized industry with strict codes and requirements that must be followed correctly . We require trained technicians to complete a job with at least one company owner on site at all times to over see installation . A properly installed system takes many factors into account , such as your homes design, construction, electrical components, soil condition, location and much more.


No, in most cases the cables are hidden very well on existing homes. And we offer different style sizes of ornamental lightning rods which can give your home a unique look . Also if your home or building is under construction you can install a concealed lightning protection system , integrating all Conductor cables, grounds and metal interconnections to the studding and rafters during the framing process of the construction.


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